Learn practical, effective self defense -

and have a blast getting fit!

Our Adult Self Defense program combines elements from traditional karate, kickboxing and jujitsu. The result is a modern, practical self defense system for women as well as men. You'll learn how to defend yourself against larger, stronger attackers. We study the entire range of self defense, including striking techniques (kicks and punches), standing joint locks and manipulations, takedowns and throws, and ground grappling.


Burn a ton of calories - up to 1000 calories per hour - and have a great time doing it!

Protect yourself and your family with our modern, practical self defense system.

Have a blast with your new friends in our exciting but welcoming classes.

Darren S.

Has a fun environment and allows you to get fit and learn skills that will help you in many aspects of your life.

The classes are very open and friendly and you never feel like you don’t belong.

Katherine C.

About the Instructor

Sensei Russell Newquist

In January, 1995, I stepped into a small martial arts class at the Madison Rec Center. Sixteen years old and armed with my first real paycheck, I had no idea how much Sensei Swanner would change my life. That dojo eventually became Spirit Made Steel. Later, I went off and opened my own dojo. When Sensei Swanner decided to step down from day to day teaching in 2016, he asked me to keep his program going. We merged our schools and I came back "home" to Spirit Made Steel to continue our multi-decade tradition of excellence.

Base Rates

Regular low monthly rates.

  • Unlimited classes for one month!
  • No contracts!
  • No signup fees!
  • Uniform not included ($35)
  • First belt test not included ($50)


New Student Package

Save over $120 with our new student package!

  • Unlimited classes for THREE months!
  • No contracts!
  • No signup fees!
  • Uniform - FREE!
  • First belt test - FREE!

$249/3 months*

* New students only. Renews at regular monthly rate

Family Discounts

The more family members you enroll, the more you save!

Military Discounts

Discounts for active duty and retired military.

Wounded Vets

Wounded veterans are always half price!

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