​Youth Karate & Jujtisu

​Discipline. Focus. Confidence.

Build discipline and focus​.

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Fun Environment

Has a fun environment and allows you to get fit and learn skills that will help you in many aspects of your life.

Darren Sutzer

Individual Needs

There are not a lot of teachers these days that will work with their students that have “disabilities”, but Sensei Russell was able to show me different ways to do throws or holds to accommodate mine!

Katherine Cottingham

Years of Fun

My daughter has tried multiple sports throughout the years. Each time she enjoyed the sport for a few practice sessions and then had to be forced to complete the season. When she asked to try karate I agreed under the conditions that she had to complete a year. Fourteen months [now three years!] later and she still loves going to class!

Rese Stevens

Beginner Students

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:00 PM

Advanced Students

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:00 PM

Conveniently Located In Madison

1604 Slaughter Rd, Madison, AL 35758


A good place to start!

1 ​family member

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    ​Karate & Jujitsu Classes (Youth)
  • No Aikido Classes
  • ​No Kung Fu Classes
  • ​Combat Cardio Classes

$​95 / month*

* Requires 3 month commitment. 

$115/month without commitment.


​Get the whole family involved!

​ALL family members!

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    ​Karate & Jujitsu Classes​ (Youth and Adults)
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    ​Aikido Classes (Adults Only)
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    ​Kung Fu Classes (Adults Only)
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    ​Combat Cardio Classes (Adults Only)
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    ​Discounts on Merchandise
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    ​Discounts on Special Events

$​190 / month

* Requires 3 month commitment. 

$​230/month without commitment.

Military Discounts

Discounts for active duty and retired military.

Wounded Vets

Wounded veterans are always half price!

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