Sensei Russell Newquist performs the kata "Bassai."

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It's not about who you are.
It's about who you want to become.

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I absolutely LOVE this dojo!

Sensei Russell teaches traditional martial arts with an emphasis on the when and how to actually use the skills rather than focusing on pretty katas that you have no idea what to do with. He inspires me to be better not just at karate but in all aspects of life.

Max Steiner
Student of 2+ years

The classes are very open and friendly.

There are not a lot of teachers these days that will work with their students that have “disabilities”, but Sensei Russell was able to show me different ways to do throws or holds to accommodate mine!

Katherine Cottingham
Student of 2+ years

This was the best place for us.

Sensei Russell and Sensei Morgon are patient and take their time to make sure the kids are doing the moves correctly. I knew the first time we tried a class that this was the best place for us.

Stephanie Wiggins
Mother of student of 3+ years

About Spirit Made Steel

Sensei Russell Newquist performs the kata "Bassai."

In January, 1995, I stepped into a small martial arts class at the Madison Rec Center. Sixteen years old and armed with my first real paycheck, I had no idea how much Sensei Swanner would change my life. That dojo eventually became Spirit Made Steel. Later, I went off and opened my own dojo. When Sensei Swanner decided to step down from day to day teaching in 2016, he asked me to keep his program going. We merged our schools and I came back "home" to Spirit Made Steel to continue our multi-decade tradition of excellence.