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"Providing Stress Relief for 20 years."

Sensei Russell Newquist

4th Degree Black Belt

We human beings aren't very well adapted for the modern world. We live in "office jungles" that constantly trigger our instinctive fight-or-flight reactions. At the same time, modern society denies us any acceptable outlets for the constant, low-level stress that brings.

Not only can our martial arts training give you a release for all that pent-up stress, but the hard workouts will leave you feeling great on top of that.

Even better, your new friends will be there to help cheer you along - and to lean on when you're having that particularly bad day.

But the best part comes later, when the confidence you'll gain makes your daily grind less stressful to begin with.

Spirit Made Steel has been providing stress relief for more than twenty years. We've helped hundreds of people cope with their anxiety. Are you next?

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