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Rate Guarantee

Our rate guarantee gives you many benefits of a contract without forcing you to sign one. If you stay with us, your rates won’t go up – for monthly tuition and for belt tests. However, this guarantee only holds so long as you stay actively enrolled and current on all payments. Students who drop their memberships or fall late run the risk of losing their rate guarantee.

Late Bills

Unless otherwise requested by the student, billing is handled electronically through e-mail. After a bill is seven days late, a paper bill will be mailed to the address of record. After a bill is fifteen days late, a $15 late fee will be added to the account. When a bill is 30 days late, the student’s membership will be automatically cancelled. Students who wish to return to class are responsible for paying all outstanding fees, and will return to class at current tuition rates. All rate guarantees will be forfeited.

If you would like to have bills mailed to you instead of receiving them electronically, please see me or Madeline to request paper billing.

Cancellation Policy

Memberships may be canceled at any time, without any late fees or cancellation fees. However, notice must be given at least one business day before the student's next billing date. Otherwise, the student will be responsible for the final bill.

Students who cancel are welcome back at any time, so long as class space permits. No special fees are required to rejoin. However, students who cancel forfeit any previous rates and will return at whatever the current rates happen to be. Our rate guarantee no longer applies once a student is no longer active.

Account Holds

On occasion students have legitimate, pressing reasons that they can't attend class for an extended period. Such reasons include injuries, major illness, school conflicts and the like. For any student who faces such an issue, please come talk to me or Madeline. We can put a hold on your account, but only if we know about it.

Elective events such as vacations are not eligible for holds.

Financial Hardships and Exceptional Circumstances

From time to time we all experience financial hardships or strange circumstances. We can work with you! I'd love to keep hard working students in class – but I can only do so if you're willing to come talk to me!